PREMIUM PLUS has three lines of duct Fabricating Machine where the production capacity is around 15,000 square feet of ducting daily.
In addition to above, PREMIUM PLUS IS fabricating the following AC accessories.

• Volume Controls Dampers
• Access Doors and Panels
• Air Filter and Flanges
• Non-retain Dampers
• U-channels and Corner Angels
• Cable Tray Covers
• Round Ducting and Accessories
• Spiral Ducting and Accessories.

PREMIUM PLUS Workshop occupied with the following machinery

• Auto Fold Machine Used to prepare Straight Duct
• Plasma Machine Used to prepare Reducers, Elbow, Y piece, Round to Square, Collar & all taper pieces
• RASH Machine Used for locking the straight duct
• Lock Former Machine Used for pits joints, C joints
• Hydraulic Shearing Machine Used to cut the small duct for VCDs, Access Doors,
• Air Filter Flanges, NRDs,
• U – Channel, Corner, Angle, Cable Tray Cover, etc.
• Bending Machine Used to bend the ducts, which will receive, from the hydraulic shearing machine and VCD blade preparing.
• Roller Machine Used to prepare round duct & round collar
• Drilling Machine Used to drill the ducts to make a hole
• Flanging Machine Used to form elbow cores
• Grooving Machine Used to prepare round duct, collar & grooving.