Tendering Department is having highly experienced Engineers and a quantity surveyor with wide relation with clients, developers, consultants, main contractors and the major equipment supplier in our field.
Tendering department is taking the responsibility of marketing of the Company by providing or Pre-qualifications documents and Presentations of all services we provide.

Tendering Department takes two forms of tendering process either an “open” tender process or a one-off “select” list process. Tenders will be evaluated against pre-determined criteria, which will be notified to all tenderers. The contract will be awarded to Contractors based on offers best value in terms of cost and quality considerations using the award criteria.


  • Collecting of tender documents, including Drawings, Specifications and Bill of Quantities from clients, Consultants or main Contractors.
  • Studying the Tender Documents and Notification of any available enquiries.
  • Contacting of all Major Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers to update the Best Market Price for the materials.
  • Preparation of best-evaluated prices.
  • Preparation of Tender Submission which enclosed Pricing, Bill of Quantities, Terms of Payments, Completion Period and Defect Liability.
  • Upon request of a client, Tendering Department has the capability to evaluate the Projects by providing a Professional Value Engineering Proposal to reduce the cost of the Projects to the benefits of the client and approval of the consultants.
  • Tendering Department is professionally studying all market prices Updates to ensure our clients the best prices.
  • Tendering Department is doing all the follow-up on or submitted Tenders by all concerned parties
  • Upon successfully winning of any Projects, Tendering Department is transferring all necessary documents to other departments to proceed further with the project.