The Construction Department is overseen by the Construction Manager, Projects Managers and Site Engineers who are responsible for ensuring that all required works are completed by the deadline within the compliance of Consultant’s specifications, drawings and all works to be within the budget of the project.

Construction Department is also responsible for all required coordination with the Main Contractor to complete the project within the required program of work.
Project Managers and Site Engineers make sure that all installations of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) works have been provided to the highest quality standards and to the approved of Main Contractor, Consultant and all Local Authorities Rules and regulations.

Upon completion of the project and after Testing and Commissioning, Project Engineers obtaining or required clearance and certificates from Water and Electrical Department, Civil Defense Department, ETISALAT and Municipality. In addition to the above Construction department, submitting all as-built Drawings Operation and Maintenance Manual and handing over the project to our services and Maintenance Department to cover the maintenance required during the defect liability.